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The PHI Direct Plan

PHI Direct covers 80% of eligible veterinary treatment costs due to new illnesses and accidents each year up to your annual policy limit. That's quality pet insurance coverage that can help you stay afloat 'just in case' your pet gets a new illness or injury in each policy year.
One Great Plan: Two Annual Policy Limits
Coverage options image
$5,000 or $10,000 in annual coverage — your choice!
Reimbursement image
80% reimbursement on eligible expenses
low deductible image
Low $200 annual deductible — so we start paying out sooner
With PHI Direct, you have two great annual policy limit options to help with the veterinary costs of treating a typical accident or new illness. 
Both coverage options, our $5,000 limit and our $10,000 limit, have a low annual deductible of $200 and an 80% reimbursement level, so that you can pick the right option for your needs. 
Pets must be at least 7 weeks or under 14 years of age at the time of enrollment.
Once enrolled, your pet’s coverage continues as they age.
What's covered?
Your PHI Direct coverage includes, but is not limited to, the following professional veterinary services:
Alternative Therapies
Anesthesia and Surgery
Behavioural Therapy
Coverage while Traveling
Dental Tooth Fracture
Emergency Care
Exam Fees
Illnesses (New)
Imaging - CT scans, MRI, and X-Rays
Medical Devices
Medical Procedures
Prescription Medications
Referral Specialist Fees
Plus, with PHI Direct, you get 24/7 access to Telehealth* phone care. Telehealth veterinary nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your pet health concerns.
The PHI Direct Advantage: New-Condition Coverage
Premiums that stay lower year after year

Most pet insurance plans’ premium prices are impacted by the claims made year-over-year by its members overall. This is why rates over time can increase astronomically!

But with PHI Direct, instead of paying for other pets' claims, each new policy year all conditions experienced in the prior policy year are considered pre-existing and everyone gets a fresh slate; so premiums stay low.

Say goodbye to the unfair pricing practices of other providers, and say hello to consistently lower premiums with PHI Direct.

What's not covered?

Understanding what is not eligible for coverage is as important as knowing what is covered. PHI Direct is here for you for the ‘just in case.’

Like most pet insurance policies in Canada, PHI Direct does not cover pre-existing conditions. With our 'New-Condition Coverage', any condition experienced in one policy year will be considered pre-existing in future policy years, including any associated or bilateral conditions. This means that any condition occurring in one year won't be covered in future policy years, so we can be there for you for the big financial hits of initial diagnosis and treatment while keeping your monthly premiums low. 

But we’ve got you covered! You’ll continue to have coverage – and peace of mind – that your pet is protected against the hundreds of new potential mishaps and illnesses that can affect your pet throughout their lifetime in future policy years. Check out some examples of how our 'New-Condition Coverage' works.

Like many pet insurance providers, coverage does not include:

❌ Wellness care
❌ Corrective procedures
❌ Associated conditions
❌ Bilateral conditions
❌ Behavioural problems
❌ Routine dental care
❌ Cremation and/or burial
❌ Routine or preventive care, such as spaying/neutering and vaccinations
❌ Breeding and anything associated with reproduction
New-Condition Coverage means you get all these benefits
Low-Cost Premiums
Our premiums start lower than $25/month for cats and $40/month for dogs*. That’s cheaper than buying your favourite iced coffee every day.
High-Value Payouts
We put more dollars towards paying invoices and claims to the PHI Direct pack of furry companions.
Faster Coverage
With PHI Direct, your deductibles are low, which means we start paying your eligible vet bills sooner!
Complete Care
Our plans cover a significant amount of new conditions (including breed-specific conditions), plus things like sick visit exam fees and coverage while traveling.
Learn more about how our new condition coverage works
Multi-pet discount
Our 5% multi-pet discount means that larger pet families can still enjoy quality pet protection without over-inflating their household budget.  
Discount is automatically applied when you add another pet to your quote and enroll.

We love informed decisions! Check out our Policy At-a-Glance to learn more about PHI Direct coverage.

Waiting Periods
Pet insurance policies have Waiting Periods before your coverage goes into effect for accidents, illnesses, or other events. With PHI Direct, you can expect the following Waiting Periods:
Accidents: 48 hours
An accident is a sudden event involving an external force, or any otherwise unexpected or unforeseen incident known to have occurred, which causes injury to your pet and is independent of all other conditions.

Illnesses: 14 days
An illness is a sickness, disease and any changes to your pet’s normal healthy state.

Cruciate Ligament Conditions: 60 days
Cruciate ligament conditions is the over-stretching or tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee.
Official pet insurance partner of Humane Canada
The national voice for animal welfare
Did you know?
The average pet will need veterinary treatment 21 times for accidents and illnesses in their lifetime.
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Reviews by real PHI Direct members
Rebecca-Review (1)
Ottawa, Ontario
Such a painless process. The stress of taking my kitty to the emergency vet was enough and PHI gave me peace of mind and made the claims process so easy. Rosco and his mum and dad thank you!!!
Samantha-Review (1)
Orleans, Ontario
My claim was quick and easy to process and really made the difference after an emergency vet visit!
Eric Review
Scarborough, Ontario
The claims process was very easy and I didn’t wait to get the cheque. I was very pleased with the online service. I will highly recommend PHI Direct.
Bradford, Ontario
I am very impressed with the efficiency and speed in which PHI processes and pays claims. Unfortunately, we had to take our beautiful Kodi, a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd for a visit to the vet. I am so happy that we decided to go with PHI insurance. We have peace of mind because of this excellent pet insurance.
Port Franks, Ontario
Excellent Customer Service! The agent was kind, thorough and caring during the conversation.
Edmonton, Alberta
The service is excellent. I always get emails from PHI Direct for updates on my claim. I am very satisfied with my pet insurance that I recommended it to my friend. Further, my friend got her pet's insurance as well and she is very happy.
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