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8 Top Tips to Make Your Cat Really Happy

Cat underneath blankets in bed looking very happy

Cats can be a little mysterious at times. If they’re not snuggling down next to you or traipsing around your extremities, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in their heads, and many cats have a tendency to wander off outside to do their own thing. Despite this, many experts feel that keeping cats indoors is the safest, healthiest way for them to live.

Even though cats being relatively low maintenance is considered one of their main appeals as pets, it’s still important to know how to make a cat happy, especially to make sure they don’t get cabin fever and feel the urge to go missing. We’ve put together this article to offer you some tips on how to make your kitty feel good enough to stay at home with you. Many cats love the quiet life - but some have a much more adventurous side.

Understanding your cat's personality and behaviour is important in knowing how to best make your kitty happy. As ever, if you have questions or concerns then please consult with your veterinarian who can provide you with the right guidance that is specific to you and your pet.

8 Top Tips To Make Your Cat Happy

1.   Create a safe outdoor space

You may be wondering “do cats need to go outside to be happy?”, and the answer is 'it depends.’ Not everyone can provide outside space for their cat and many cats are incredibly happy in this sort of home. If outside space is available, and your cat is naturally curious, it can be a wonderful gift to create a safe and stimulating outdoor space for them to enjoy, so they don’t feel the need to venture too far afield where risks are more plentiful. Set up good tall fences in your backyard so they can’t just leave at their leisure, but make sure the yard itself has plenty of space for them to explore and hunt. Make sure to keep an eye on them while they play outside, so you don’t lose track of their whereabouts.

2.   Bring the outdoors in: Cat grass

Growing a small patch of cat grass inside your home is a great way to give your cat some natural pleasures, without them ever having to leave the house. Cats like to graze on grass, and while it’s not an essential part of their diet it can actually impart some good micronutrients into their systems, such as vitamin A and D, along with providing some environmental enrichment.

3.   Bring the outdoors in: Bird-viewing stations

Cats often like to hunt birds, but they can also get plenty of joy from simply watching them at close quarters. A good way to set this up without the cat actually having to go outside is by setting up a bird-viewing station in your home. You can do this by building or installing a window ledge perch for your cat to sit on and placing a bird bath or feeder outside the window (and keeping it shut!). This will create a sort of bird theatre for the cat to enjoy, without risking any birds’ safety -- or having your kitty leave you a “present” on the kitchen floor!

4.   Give them some catnip

Catnip is a great way to give your cat a quick blast of joy and pleasure, as long as it suits their constitution. Most cats will react to catnip by meowing, purring, rolling around, and acting a little intoxicated. Don’t worry though, as research shows catnip has no negative health effects on our feline friends. However, some cats will become aggressive when given a bit of the nip, so make sure to get to know how they react to it before it becomes a habit.

5.   Provide them with fun toys and activities

When it comes to knowing how to keep a cat indoors and happy, creating fun and stimulating spaces for them in the house is an important step. Things like scratching posts, cat trees, and toys for them to chase and bat around are all great options for giving them some fun activities at home.

6.   Feed and water them well

This one is almost too obvious, but if you make sure to keep your cat’s water bowl is regularly refilled and that they’re never going hungry, they’re much less likely to look for prey in the outside world. Along with their regular dry/wet cat food, ensure that they get their fair share of treats and maybe even an occasional helping of human food, so they stay excited by mealtimes.

7.   Have them spayed or neutered

Now, at first sight, this may not seem like the nicest way to keep a cat happy, but hear us out. When cats remain intact, their hormones will encourage them to venture out into the world to find a mate and procreate, but this doesn’t really help anyone. Firstly, it puts pressure on the cat to leave its safe home and go searching for something they may struggle to find. Spay and neuter your cats if you wish to avoid these issues.

8.   Take them on walks!

Some might question this, but taking cats on leashed/harnessed walks is a great way to give them a taste of the outdoors, without losing them to the dangerous allures of the wild. As long as you make sure that your area isn’t particularly heavy with loose dogs, along with testing the harness or leash for comfort on your kitty before taking them on strolls, this should be a great way to keep them happy in domestic life.

As you can see, it’s not all about making your cat happy but also keeping them happy. Another great way to keep them happy is to protect your cat's health needs with pet insurance. An unhealthy cat is often an unhappy cat too. 

Above all else, just make sure to show them the love and affection they need, and your cat will give you tons of love in return.