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Claims & Forms

Reimbursing your claims is a priority at PHI Direct. We will process all Reimbursement Requests – whether simple or complex – as quickly as possible, once we have received all of the required documentation.

Making a Claim

Before filing a claim, you must satisfy any applicable co-insurance and deductible for all coverage, unless stated otherwise in your policy. The most we will pay is the benefit maximum shown on your Declaration Page.

The average claim is settled within 15 days or less. A more complex claim may take longer if we need to contact the vet for more information.

Download Claim Form

  1. You visit the vet.

    Your pet has become injured or sick and is treated by your veterinarian. Pay your vet for their care and services.

  2. You submit your claim.

    Scan or take a photo of your statement that details the services provided and send it to us.

  3. You get paid back.

    You will be reimbursed 80% of the eligible claim amount up to the limit of your coverage, less the $200 deductible.

    Once your annual deductible is satisfied you won’t pay the deductible again for that year.

Before you submit:

To avoid processing delays, please ensure that the reimbursement request (Claim Form) includes all of the following:

  • Your name, the date, your pet’s name, your policy number
  • Your email address and your preferred telephone number
  • The name of the veterinary hospital
  • The name of the illness or injury eligible for reimbursement, completed by you and/or your veterinarian
  • The date you noticed your pet was unwell
  • The treatment dates for your claim
  • The amount being claimed
  • Answer any other applicable questions on the form
  • All paid-in-full receipts (including an itemized breakdown of charges)

Submitting your claim:

There are three ways that you can submit your claim to us:

Email your claim to us at

Fax your claim to us at 1-866-428-6063

Mail your claim and receipts to us at
201 - 185 Forester Street, North Vancouver, BC V7H 0A6

TIP: There are smart phone apps that can 'scan' documents with your phone's camera. Then you can easily email us all the required documents with your reimbursement claim. 


Still have questions?

Read our F.A.Q. or Live Chat with our Care Team.