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How to Make Your Dog Famous on TikTok

Dog and man sitting in yellow truck while the dog smiles with tongue out for TikTok video

We’ve all seen them, those adorable dog social media posts that melt your heart and capture your imagination, whether with comedic value, impressive acrobatics, or simply with “awwwww” value. With over 1 billion active monthly users, and the most engagement of any social media app, TikTok has become the go-to home for many of these videos. Some TikTokers build audiences as high as 100 million users, earning up to $5 million a year, so with the right videos of your dog, you could make enough to keep them up to their doggy ears in chew toys for the rest of their life.

But how do these videos come to be? Are they the result of dogs just doing their thing and owners catching special moments by chance or are they well-thought-out constructions, complete with scripts, concepts, and iPhone movie magic? While the flash-in-the-pan magic of the former may result in some of the best videos, the latter will populate more of the dog TikTok meme world.

We’ve put together this article to show you how to make a dog TikTok famous, with some tips on the type of content that can work, along with some general practices that will make your content shine on the platform. Soon enough, you’ll be walking your pooch through the park and hearing murmurs from passers-by saying, “oh my gosh, it’s that dog from TikTok”.

Know Your Dog

First off, while your dog might be your best friend, don’t push it into situations that it will be uncomfortable in. If your dog is full of life and charisma, enjoys playing games with you, and regularly makes you laugh by just being itself, then it might be the perfect choice for TikTok stardom, especially in the more elaborate videos. On the other hand, a more sedentary dog that enjoys relaxation and quiet times might be better for more ironic, chilled-out content.

Make sure your dog is happy and having fun at every stage — your relationship with your dog is more important than likes or follows!

Figure Out Your Angle

There are countless ways to approach making a soon-to-be-famous dog video, so figure out what your niche is! You could take the route of humour, showcasing talent, or simply zoning in on the cuteness of your pet. This goes hand in hand with knowing your dog because when you have a better idea of their natural personality, you’ll have the best chance of producing the best content.

Many dog owners have started their own dog accounts on TikTok, and other social networks, and have generated thousands of followers.

You can get plenty of views with photography and videos of your dog simply being itself, whether having a nap, eating enthusiastically, or playing catch, but if you want an edge on the competition you might have to engineer slightly more unique situations.

Look for your dog’s quirks and traits that you feel set it apart from other canines and make them shine, whether they seem to bark in English, have a loving relationship with your cat, or even if they have a tendency to hump everything in sight! It’s these little nuances and personality traits that will make your dog memorable to the audience.

Know How to Make Your Dog Look Cute

Your dog is beautiful to you already, and will likely be the apple of many scrolling parties’ eyes, but this is show business! We’re not saying that you need to coat your doggie’s face in makeup and start dyeing their fur (definitely don't do that, please), but if they’re not averse to the idea, a cute little sailor’s outfit can go a long way!

Along with physical costumes, feel free to use the filters and special effects that TikTok provides, as this may increase the relevance of the video particularly if it’s trending, increase the comedic value, or simply enhance your pet’s natural beauty. Capture your dog at its cutest moments — curled up by the fire might look a little more adorable than snaffling on a Dentastix!

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TikTok Tips:

Keep it short and sweet

TikTok videos were initially limited to a minute in length, before jumping to three minutes, and recently as long as ten minutes at a time, but just because you have that time, it doesn’t mean you have to use it. The best dog TikToks should be short and sweet, being no longer than 15 seconds.

The general consensus is that a 15-second video will be able to capture the attention of a viewer before they can scroll away and have more replay value and the increased potential for sharing. Figure out what you’re trying to show and do it fast — that way, you’ll retain more viewers and gain more traction.

Use viral music

Using viral or trending TikTok songs for dog videos is a great way to keep your content feeling relevant and up-to-date, while also adding a pleasant soundtrack to your videography. TikTok songs have a tendency to be extremely catchy and associating your content with that sort of earworm will help to keep it fresh in the mind of your viewers. If the songs are going to be playing in the heads of users all day, why shouldn’t they be the backing track to your content?

Keep up with the trends & challenges

Doing some competitor research is vital in the business of performance and content, and this doesn’t just mean looking at as many dog videos as you can find. TikTok has become the go-to home for video memes, so make sure that you’re aware of them as this will give you an endless bank of content to take inspiration from. Recreating a famous video with a dog is a fun and whimsical way to share footage of your pet, while also eliciting some good laughs.

Keeping up with the Trending Challenges is another important part of being a TikTok creator, with the Challenges being widespread and shared videos that are recreated by accounts in their thousands. Whether it’s a dance or a lip sync video, doing it with your dog will give you an edge!

Dog Hashtags for TikTok

Don’t just stuff your content with whatever popular hashtags are trending at the moment, as this will cause your content to become lost in the algorithm. Rather, opt for more relevant TikTok dog hashtags that actually relate to your content, as this will make it more likely to appear in the “For You” feed of scrolling users.

If you do want some hashtags to start things off then try some of these:

#dogs, #doglover, #dogworld, #dogsitting, #dogmodel, #dogslife, #doginfluencer, #dogsthathike, #doggylove, #puppy, #cutedog, #happydog, #modeldogs, #dogmodels, #puppylove, #dogoftheday, #dogsarefamily, #doglife, #dogs_of_world, #petdog, #dogsofmylife, #dogoftheday, #cutepetclub, #dogmood, #dogvideos, #dogsarethebest, #doggie

Final Thoughts

So now you have a better idea of how to make your dog famous on TikTok! From grumpy cat back in 2012 all the way to TikTok in the present day, the internet and our social media accounts are very pet-friendly! Don't be afraid to start creating content to build a following. You might be starting your own dog agency or being approached by pet brands before you know it - or we at PHI Direct may reach out about our pet insurance!

Remember, this is meant to be fun, and if you don’t get there right away, just keep trying for as long as you and your pet enjoy it.